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World English Bible, or WEB
World English Bible, or WEB, is a modern translation that is based on the ASV. 

The World English Bible is one of five Bible versions, or translations, available on Bible Nav —

The World English Bible dates from 2000 when the New Testament was first made available electronically.  The Amazon publication date of the printed version of WEB is 2003.  Work on the translation continues to the present day. 

The World English Bible is in the Public Domain.  The name “World English Bible,” however, is copyrighted and can only be used if the translation is not altered in any way.  Bible-Nav, of course, adheres to that requirement, although the WEB's version of the Apocrypha is not displayed. 

The World English Bible is based on the American Standard Version of the Bible and can be called a ‘formal equivalence’ translation.  The translation has solid Biblical scholarship behind it and can be trusted as one of your study Bibles or as your daily reading Bible. 

Following the precedence set by the translators of the American Standard Version, the World English Bible translators display the name of God in the Old Testament.  However, in alignment with the most recent scholarship on the name, it is presented as “Yahweh” rather than “Jehovah.”  Here is an example —

Psa 113:1 :  Praise Yah! Praise, you servants of Yahweh, praise Yahweh’s name. 

If “Praise Yah” looks and sounds unfamiliar to you, then you are just not looking and listening carefully.  The literal Hebrew rendering of the words would be “Hallelujah!”  As I continue to read the World English Bible on a daily basis, my love for the name has grown stronger and stronger (along with my appreciation for the distinction having been made by the translators).  Praise Yahweh's name! 

Throughout both the Old Testament and the New Testament, most archaic English KJV/ASV words have been updated.  For example, the use of “Gospel” has been replaced with the more precise term “Good News” in this passage —

Rom 1:1 :  Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, set apart for the Good News of God, 

Punctuation and formatting, of course, do not exist in the earliest copies of the Hebrew Old Testament or Greek New Testament manuscripts.  The thoughtful punctuation and formatting added by the World English Bible translators make the Bible much easier to read and understand. 

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World English Bible, or WEB