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Names of God, Son & Spirit
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Names & Titles
Names & Titles of God, His Son, and His Spirit. 

Names of God
God / God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob / I Am That Which I Am / Jehovah / Jah / Jehovah of Hosts / Holy One / Father / Saviour / Redeemer / God of Israel / God of The Hebrews / Mighty One of Jacob / God of Heaven / Almighty / Jealous / Rock / God of Salvation

Names of The Son
Jesus / Christ / Jesus Christ / Christ Jesus / Lord / Son / My Son -- the Beloved / Son of Man / Son of God / Son of David / Only Begotten / Prophet / Righteous One / Immanuel / Stone / Word / Lamb / King / King of Kings, Lord of Lords / Faithful and True / I Am / Bread / Light / Door / Shepherd / Resurrection, Life / Way, Truth, Life / Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Father of Eternity, Prince of Peace / Branch, Shoot / Root of Jesse / Lion, Root of David / Servant / Last Adam / Chief Priest / Author of Salvation / Saviour / Redeemer / Nazarene / Holy One / The Name Of / His Name

Names of The Spirit
Spirit / Holy Spirit / Spirit of God / Spirit of Christ / Spirit of Adoption / Comforter / A Dove

The Road of Salvation
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Road of Salvation
Road of Salvation, from Lost to Found, Death to Life. 

Salvation Comes From God / Salvation Belongs to God / Salvation Means Deliverance / Salvation Means Redemption / Salvation Means Remission of Sins / Salvation Means Rescue From Death / Salvation Will Be Proclaimed / Salvation as Shields, Helmets, Walls, Garments / Salvation Comes From Zion / Salvation Will Yet Come to Israel / Salvation Available Now to All / Salvation Needs Repentance / Salvation Needs Belief / Salvation Needs The Son / Salvation Needs Belief In The Word / Salvation Needs Belief In The Son / Salvation Needs His Resurrection / Salvation Comes by Grace / Salvation to be Shared / Salvation is a Road

Good News
Good News of the Kingdom / To Be Preached Worldwide / Good News of God and His Son / Power Unto Salvation / Some of it Received by Paul / More of it Revealed to Paul / About False Preachers / Back to Abraham / Preached Everywhere by Paul

New Birth
Born From Above / Incorruptible Seed / New Creation

Harvest Time / Great Commission / Ministry of Reconcilation / One to One

The Journey to Grace
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Journey to Grace
Journey to Grace, from the Land of Law to Grace upon Grace. 

Ten Commandments
The Tables / 1) Have No Other Gods / 2) Do Not Worship Idols / 3) Do Not Misuse God's Name / 4) Remember the Sabbath / 5) Honor Father and Mother / 6) Do Not Kill / 7) Do Not Commit Adultery / 8) Do Not Steal / 9) Do Not Lie / 10) Do Not Covet

613 Commandments
Law Fundamentals / Laws of Character / Laws of Study / Laws of Idolatry and Paganism / Laws of Repentance / Law of Saying The Shema / Laws of Prayer and Priestly Blessings / Laws of Tefillin, Mezuza and Sefer Torah / Laws of Tzitzit / Laws of Blessing / Laws of Circumcision / Laws of The Sabbath / Laws of Atonement Rest / Laws of Festival Rest / Laws of Chometz and Matzah / Laws of Shofar, Sukkah, Lulav / Laws of Shekalim / Laws of Sanctification of Months / Laws of Affliction / Laws of Marriage / Laws of Divorce / Laws of Priestly Marriage / Laws of Women / Laws of Suspect Wife / Laws of Forbidden Relations / Laws of Forbidden Foods / Laws of Oaths / Laws of Vows / Laws of The Nazir / Laws of Estimated Values and Vows / Laws of Mixed Species / Laws of Gifts to the Poor / Laws of Ma'aser / Laws of The Second Tithe and Fourth Year Produce / Laws of First Fruits and Other Priestly Gifts / Laws of The Sabbatical and Jubilee Years / Laws of The Temple / Laws of Temple Vessels and Employees / Laws of Entering the Temple / Laws of Restrictions Concerning Sacrifices / Laws of Sacrificial Procedure / Laws of Constant and Additional Offerings / Laws of Disqualified Offerings / Laws of Atonement Day Service / Laws of Misusing Sanctified Property / Laws of Pascal Sacrifice / Laws of Pilgrim Offerings / Laws of First Born Animals / Laws of Offerings for Unintentional Transgressions / Laws of Lacking Atonement / Laws of Substitution of Sacrifices / Laws of Impurity of Human Dead / Laws of The Red Heifer / Laws of Impurity through Tzara'at / Laws of Impurity of Reclining and Sitting / Laws of Other Sources of Impurity / Laws of Impurity of Food / Laws of Mikveh / Laws of Property Damage / Laws of Theft / Laws of Robbery and Lost Objects / Laws of Murder and Preservation of Life / Laws of Sales / Laws of Slaves / Laws of Hiring / Laws of Borrowing and Depositing / Laws of Creditor and Debtor / Laws of Plaintiff and Defendant / Laws of Inheritance / Laws of Sanhedrin and Punishments / Laws of Evidence / Laws of Insurgents / Laws of Mourning / Laws of Kings and Their Wars

Old & New Commandments
He Once Said Keep The Old / New Commandments Given / He Now Says Keep The New

Law Fulfilled
He Came To Fulfill the Law / "Don't Be Angry Without Cause" / "Don't Look At Another With Lust" / "Divorce Nearly Never Allowed" / "Swear Not At All" / "Turn The Other Cheek" / "Love Your Enemy" / The Law is Holy, But We are Sinners / Paul's Dilemma / Spirit In Us Fulfills the Law / Love In Us Fulfills the Law

Required By Law / Law & Promises Kept / Circumcision Contention / Paul vs. Peter / No Longer Required / Spiritual Circumcision / Both Are Justified / Faith Is First

Righteousness Should Be Desired / But Righteousness Hard to Achieve / Even The 'Righteous' Are Sinners / Only The Righteous Gain Eternal Life / Convicted of Need for Righteousness / No One More Righteous Than Him / A Truly Righteous Judge

Grace Over-against Grace / Given by God

Nine Commandments
1) Have No Other Gods / 2) Do Not Worship Idols / 3) Do Not Misuse God's Name / 5) Honor Father and Mother / 6) Do Not Kill / 7) Do Not Commit Adultery / 8) Do Not Steal / 9) Do Not Lie / 10) Do Not Covet

Two Commandments
Two Greatest / Fulfilled By Love

Patriarchs & Others
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Abraham by Jozsef Molnar
Patriarchs & Others, all the way from Adam to Jacob's children. 

Created by God / Placed in Garden of Eden / Named the Animals / Convinced by Eve / Fruit of Tree of Knowledge / Seed of Promise / Effects of The Fall / Driven from Eden / Had Sons & Daughters / Death of Adam / Adam Contrasted with Christ

Created by God / Deceived by Serpent / Fruit of Tree of Knowledge / Seed of Promise / Effects of The Fall / Driven from Eden / Had Sons & Daughters

Abrahm, Son of Terah / Marries Sarai / From Ur to Haran / Chosen Seed (Offspring) of Abraham

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Covenants that God has made with various individuals and groups. 

Covenant: Noahic
Promised with Noah / Extended to All Creatures / Promise of No More Flood / Everlasting Token

Covenant: Abrahamic
Promised with Abrahm / Promise of Land and Offspring / Everlasting Token / Promised through Isaac / Confirmed when Issac Offered / Confirmed with Isaac / Confirmed with Jacob / All Nations will be Blessed / Remembered in Egypt / Remembered after Repentance

Covenant: Mosaic
Promised with Children of Israel / Based on the Law / Conditioned on Keeping the Law

1st-Coming Prophecies
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God's Son
1st-Coming Prophecies, made in the Old Testament and fullfilled in the New. 

Birth Prophecies
Born in Bethlehem / Born to a Virgin / Born to Rule

Ministry Prophecies
Ministered in Galilee / Ministered by Healing / Ministered by Preaching

Welcome Prophecy
Welcomed by Jerusalem

Betrayal Prophecies
Betrayed by a Friend / Betrayed for Thirty Pieces of Silver

Rejection Prophecies
Rejected by His Brothers / Rejected by Israel / Rejected by Rulers

Suffering Prophecies
Suffered with Beatings / Suffered with Lashings / Suffered in Silence

Crucifixion Prophecies
Crucified with Transgressors / Crucified with Garments Divided / Crucified with Mocking / Crucified with a Cry to God / Crucified with an Offer of Vinegar / Crucified with a Final Cry / Crucified with No Bones Broken

Burial Prophecies
Buried in a Rich Man's Grave / Buried for Three Days and Nights

Resurrection Prophecy
Resurrected from the Dead

Ascension Prophecy
Ascended into Heaven

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Sower & Seeds
Parables as told by God's Son throughout the Gospels. 

Kingdom Parables
The Sower / The Growing Seed / The Mustard Seed / The Leaven / The Hidden Treasure / The Pearl of Great Price

Service Parables
The Unprofitable Servants / The Laborers in the Vineyard / The Pounds / The Talents

End-Time Parables
The Tares / The Rich Fool / The Faithful Servant / The Faithful and Wise Steward / The Barren Fig Tree / The Budding Fig Tree / The Net / The Great Supper / The Wedding Feast / The Wise and Foolish Virgins / The Absent Householder

Forgiveness Parables
The Creditor and Two Debtors / The Good Samaritan / The Unforgiving Servant

Prayer Parables
The Widow / The Pharisee and the Publican

Lost & Found Parables
The Lost Sheep / The Lost Coin / The Prodigal Son

Other Parables
Candle Under a Bushel / Wise Man Builds on Rock / New Cloth on Old Garment / New Wine in Old Wineskins / Planning The Cost / The Rich Man and Lazarus / The Two Sons / The Unjust Steward / The Wicked Husbandmen

Revelation Judgments
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Four Horsemen
Judgments in the Book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible. 

Seven Seals
Seal 1: Antichrist (White Horse) / Seal 2: War (Red Horse) / Seal 3: Famine (Black Horse) / Seal 4: Death (Pale Horse) / Seal 5: Martyrdom / Seal 6: Tribulation / Seal 7: Trumpets

Seven Trumpets
Trumpet 1: Hail and Fire / Trumpet 2: Great Mountain / Trumpet 3: Great Star / Trumpet 4: Darkness / Trumpet 5: Locusts / Trumpet 6: Four Angels / Trumpet 7: Wrath is Come

Seven Bowls
Bowl 1: Grievous Sore / Bowl 2: Sea Becomes Blood / Bowl 3: Rivers Become Blood / Bowl 4: Fire / Bowl 5: Darkness / Bowl 6: Armageddon / Bowl 7: Great Earthquake and Great Hail