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Bible Nav Tools
Tools available on Bible Nav make reading and traveling through the Bible easy and fun. 

Bible Reader
Bible Reader displays the Bible for reading and study. 
Verse Lookup
Verse Lookup provides Bible access by book, chapter, and verse. 
Word Search
Word Search scans for words or phrases in the Bible. 
Topics presents verse collections based on various Bible subjects. 
Contents lists both a Table of Contents and a Chapter Summary for the Bible. 
Bookmarks assist with regular Bible reading. 
Gospel Harmony
Gospel Harmony displays verses from the Gospels in a four-column table format. 
Reading Scheduler
Reading Scheduler creates a daily schedule to read the Bible in a year. 

One more Bible Nav tool has so many special features that that it has been given a separate area on Bible Nav —

Bible Nav Favorites are collections of Bible verses of your own choosing. 

Last Word

The consistent placement of tool links within Bible Nav makes for an easier Bible Navigation experience.  Each of the initial tool pages listed above are your starting point, and each one serves as tool documentation.  Whenever possible, the documentation pages are re-linked in the page title as you navigate deeper into the tool. 

Of all links, though, your very best link will be Page-End appearing at the top of every Bible Nav page.  Page-End will always take you down to the bottom of the page where other tools and features are presented.  You can get there.  You can do it.  And Bible Nav will help. 

1Pe 4:7 :  But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer. 

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