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Gospel Harmony

Gospel Harmony
Gospel Harmony displays verses from the Gospels in a four-column table format. 

The Harmony links appear only on this page and only on the Bible Reader page when a passage from Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John is being displayed. 

A Harmony page has been created for each of the Bible versions, or translations, available on Bible Nav —

The Gospel Harmony is based on the Gospel verse alignment developed by E.W. Bullinger, presented in —

of Bullinger's Companion Bible

Bullinger insisted that the order of the verses remain unchanged and disparaged so-called “Harmonies” that violently rearranged them.  This rearrangement was done, he said, to bring together similar events that were thought to be identical, as if “nothing the Lord said or did was ever repeated.”  [Bullinger, E.W., (1974).  Appendix 97: The Unity of the Four Gospels.  In The Companion Bible, (page 140).  Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.]

While honoring Bullinger's basic premise that the order of the verses remain unchanged, I have made a few adjustments.  First of all, I needed to break on chapters, so where Bullinger might have a range of verses that span two or more chapters, I split them up as needed whenever a new chapter was encountered.  There were also a few places that I felt he made alignment errors (for example, the calling of Matthew/Levi in Mat 9:9).  Other than that, I tried to follow Bullinger's divisions whenever I could.  I followed his divisions when he was making points such as the multiple temptations (Appendix 116), the multiple miracles (Appendix 138), the two entries into Jerusalem (Appendix 153), the two “End of Age” prophecies (Appendix 155), the three suppers (Appendix 157), the two anointings (Appendix 158), the multiple denials (Appendix 159), the two purchases (Appendix 161), the others crucified (Appendix 164), and the three commissions (Appendix 167).  I even followed the separation of the three healings of the blind men at Jericho (Appendix 152). 

Last Word

Before you criticize what might appear to be contradictions between the Gospel accounts, you owe it to yourself to study Bullinger's scholarly comments and explanations in support of his Gospel Harmony and the truth of God's Bible. 

Amo 3:3 :  Can two walk together, except they be agreed? 

Gospel Harmony