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All about Fav0, along with Part 3 of the Edit Features discussion (back to: Part 2, and then: Part 1). 


There are nine permanent Fav lists available for your use on Bible Nav, along with one temporary list. 

The temporary list is called Fav0 (“Fav-zero”). 

Displaying Fav0

Fav0 is accessed with a link to Bible Nav.  The link can be in an email, from an external site, as a ‘favorite’ in your browser, or from Bible Nav itself.  Here is an example —

Trust In The LORD with all thine heart! 

An external link is vital to Fav0.  It is what gives ‘life’ to Fav0, so much so that, while in Display mode, all other Fav lists have a link that says —

Display Fav as Fav0

Why so vital?  The link to a Fav0 list is how favorite Bible verses can be shared with others.  Once you display a permanent Fav list as Fav0, the link to that page can be shared (via email, for example), with the recipients being able to view your passages. 

Adding a Passage to Fav0?

Passages can't be added to Fav0.  In contrast to the other nine permanent Fav lists, Fav0 is temporary.  You can view it along with your other Fav lists, but as soon as you view something else, Fav0 will disappear.  In addition, Fav0 is locked.  You can't add to it.  You can't delete from it. 

All you can do is admire it. 

Oh, and one more thing: You can copy from it. 


Copying a Passage to Another Fav List

When in Edit mode, you can Copy an individual Fav0 passage to any permanent Fav list.  Links to all available Fav lists will appear after the ‘Copy to:’ text.  The copy is performed when you select the destination Fav list link you want the passage to be copied to.  When complete, you will continue to view Fav0. 

When you copy a passage to another Fav list, the passage will placed at the top of the destination Fav list. 

All Favorites

When displaying Fav0 passages, the list of All Favorites will still be presented at the bottom of the page. 

On the All Favorites list, when in Edit mode, a Copy feature will be presented for Fav0.  After the ‘Copy into:’ text, all other Fav lists will appear as separate Copy links.  By selecting one of these Copy links, you will append the passages of Fav0 to the front of the passages of the selected Fav list.  If the destination Fav list has a defined title, the title will remain untouched.  If the destination Fav list has no title, the Fav0 title (and options) will be copied to the destination Fav list. 

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