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Fav1-Fav2: Edit Part 1

Fav1 & Fav2
All about Fav1 & Fav2, along with Part 1 of the Edit Features discussion (next up: Part 2, and then: Part 3). 


There are nine permanent Fav lists available for your use on Bible Nav, along with one temporary list. 

Two of the lists, permanent lists Fav1 and Fav2, hold a ‘favored’ position among the lists. 

Displaying Fav1 or Fav2

Links to Fav1 and Fav2 appear at the bottom of every Bible Nav page —

The link on the left, when selected, will display the list for Fav1, while the link on the right, when selected, will display the list for Fav2.  The links will appear with the names you've associated with the lists, or, if you've not given them names, a reference to the first passage in the list, or, if the lists are empty, either Fav1 empty or Fav2 empty

Fav1 and Fav2 can also be accessed for display with the All Favorites link that appears at the bottom of every Bible Nav page —

Adding a Passage to Fav1 or Fav2

Passages are added to Fav1 and Fav2 from the Bible Reader.  At the bottom of the Reader page, the Favorites links will appear like this (assuming you are displaying the WEB version of John 3:16) —

As before, selecting one of the two Fav links on the second line will take you to a display of that Fav list, either Fav1 or Fav2.  Here, though, by selecting one of the two add links displayed on the bottom line, you will add the current passage to either Fav1 (add link to the left) or Fav2 (add link to the right).  If the current Bible passage is already included in either of the two Fav list, “n/a” will be displayed (although there is no restriction on having a passage duplicated in a list). 

A Favorite passage can be set at a book and chapter level or at a book, chapter, and verse level.  Favorite passages are also specific to the Bible version you are reading (Joh3:16 WEB is not the same as Joh3:16 KJV). 

When you select one of the two add links from the Bible Reader, you will then be presented with the passage, already in place in either the Fav1 list or the Fav2 list (depending on which add you selected).  The Fav list will be in Edit mode, ready for you to perform any other edit operations you might want to do. 


Bible Versions

Because a Fav list can hold passages from multiple Bible versions, or translations, the Bible version is always reported immediately below the passage.  In Edit mode, an additional line is presented where you can Switch to another Bible version.  The update is performed ‘in place,’ which simply means the next screen you see will be the same passage in the alternate version you selected. 

Passage Adjustments

In Edit mode, you can also adjust the passage, verse by verse, or word by word.  Four special ‘gadget’ links appear on both the Expand or trim by verse line and the Expand or trim by word line, with one gadget pair at the start of each line and the other pair at the end of each line. 

These two lines with their four gadget links look like this —

<+ | ->   Expand or trim by verse   <- | +>

<+ | ->   Expand or trim by word   <- | +>

As you might expect, the gadget pair on the left, at the start of each line, work at the beginning of the passage, while the pair on the right work at the end of the passage.  As you also might guess, the plus sign (‘+’) means add, while the minus sign (‘-’) means subtract, and the directional signs (‘<’ and ‘>’) indicate the action out of, or into, the passage.  Here are the four gadget actions —

The adjustment is performed ‘in place.’  You will see the effect of the expand or trim action immediately.  And, if you don't like what you see, just reverse your action. 

Of course, if there is no verse or word to add or subtract, the gadget link for that action will be inactive. 

You should also know that the passage adjustment feature only works on verses, not on a passage defined as a ‘full chapter.’  That means you would have to accept “Psa 22” as-is.  You can expand out to a full chapter, but you would have go verse by verse.  If you need to include most of a chapter, but not all, go into the Bible Lookup tool and select just the verses you want, then add from the Bible Reader (for example “Psa 22:1-21”). 

Passage Position

In Edit mode, you can also change the position of the passage in relation to other passages in the Fav list.  You can move the passage —

With each move, you will continue to see the passage as the position is updated.  If a particular move action is not applicable (for example, the passage is already at the top), then that action is not presented. 

Passage Clear

Finally, again in Edit mode, you can remove, or clear, a passage entirely from a Fav list by using the clear link.  Because clear is an inconvenient action to recover from, an Undo link is presented immediately after the passage has been deleted. 

Last Word: Two

I think of Fav1 and Fav2 as being the two ‘favored’ Favorites. 

Mat 20:20-21 :  20 Then the mother of the sons of Zebedee came to him with her sons, kneeling and asking a certain thing of him.  21 He said to her, “What do you want?” She said to him, “Command that these, my two sons, may sit, one on your right hand, and one on your left hand, in your Kingdom.” 

Fav1 & Fav2