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Fav3-Fav9: Edit Part 2

Fav3 to Fav9
All about Fav3 to Fav9, along with Part 2 of the Edit Features discussion (back to: Part 1, next up: Part 3). 


There are nine permanent Fav lists available for your use on Bible Nav, along with one temporary list. 

Seven of the lists, permanent lists Fav3 through Fav9, serve as ‘backup’ or supporting lists. 

Displaying Fav3 through Fav9

Fav3 through Fav9 can be accessed for display with the All Favorites link that appears at the bottom of every Bible Nav page —

Adding a Passage to Fav3 through Fav9

Passages can be added to Fav3 through Fav9 by adding the passage first to either Fav1 or Fav2 and then immediately moving it to one of the other Fav lists. 


Moving a Passage to Another Fav List

When in Edit mode, you can Move an individual passage to any other permanent Fav list.  Links to all available Fav lists will appear after the ‘Move to:’ text.  The move is performed when you select the destination Fav list link you want the passage to be transferred to.  When complete, the next screen you see will be the top of the ‘active’ Fav list (the list you are editing) and not the destination Fav list. 

When you move a passage to another Fav list, the passage will be placed at the top of the destination Fav list. 

Fav Title

A Fav list with no assigned title and no passages will be labeled empty.  When passages are added to a Fav list, the Bible reference of the top passage (for example, Joh 3:16 WEB) will become the title of the Fav list. 

When in Edit mode, you can use the Fav Title input field at the bottom of the Fav list to assign a permanent title to the Fav list —

Although up to 50 characters can be input for the title, only the first 20 characters will be displayed. 

Options for a highlighting feature may also be selected along with the title —

When you have completed entering the title and highlighting options, press the save button to update your selections. 

All Passage Sort

When in Edit mode, for lists with two or more passages, a Sort link is presented.  The Sort feature will reorder all passages in the list into Bible book, chapter, and verse order. 

All Passage Clear

When in Edit mode, for lists with one or more passages, a Clear All link is presented.  The Clear All feature will remove all passages from the list and delete the title, if any.  Because Clear All is an inconvenient action to recover from, an Undo link is presented immediately after the passages have been removed. 

All Favorites

An All Favorites listing appears at the bottom of every Fav list.  The ‘active’ Fav list (the Fav list you are currently displaying or editing) will appear in the listing in bold

When in Edit mode, a Swap feature will be presented for the active Fav list.  After the ‘Swap with:’ text, all other Fav lists will appear as separate Swap links.  By selecting one of these Swap links, you will exchange the passages and title of the active Fav list with the passages and title of the selected Fav list.  Your ‘Fav focus’ will remain on the active Fav list as you view the just-exchanged passages. 

Fav3 to Fav9