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Favorites on Bible Nav

Bible Nav Favorites are collections of Bible verses of your own choosing. 
All Favorites
List of All Favorites, all your own, all for you, all the time. 
Fav List Ideas
Fav List Ideas, ones you can claim as your own and share with others. 
Fav List Demonstration
Fav List Demonstration, showing how to start your own Fav list. 
Display & Edit
Fav Modes Display & Edit, and why you need to favor Display. 
Fav1 & Fav2
All about Fav1 & Fav2, along with Part 1 of the Edit Features discussion. 
Fav3 to Fav9
All about Fav3 to Fav9, along with Part 2 of the Edit Features discussion. 
All about Fav0, along with Part 3 of the Edit Features discussion.