Bible Nav : Bookmarks


Bookmarks assist with regular Bible reading. 

Two links for two Bookmarks appear at the bottom of every Bible Nav page —

Pressing one of the Bookmark links will take you to that book, chapter, and verse in the Bible Reader. 

Within the Bible Reader itself, the Bookmark links will appear like this (assuming you are displaying the WEB version of John 3:16) —

As before, pressing one of the Bookmark links will take you to that book, chapter, and verse.  Here, though, by pressing one of the “mark” links displayed below the Bookmarks, you will reset either Bookmark 1 (to the left) or Bookmark 2 (to the right) to mark your current position within the Bible.  If your current Bible position is already defined as a Bookmark, “n/a” will be displayed. 

Bookmarks can be set at a book and chapter level or at a book, chapter, and verse level.  Bookmarks are also specific to the Bible version you are reading (Joh3:16 WEB is not the same as Joh3:16 KJV). 

Finally, you should be aware that Bookmarks depend on ‘cookies.’  If cookies are turned off on your browser, Bookmarks will not work.  Also remember that, because cookies are not shared between computers, your Bookmarks will also not be shared between computers. 

Last Word

Why two Bookmarks?  For me, it is a purely practical reason.  Each year I read through the entire Bible.  Each day I read chapters from the Old Testament and chapters from the New Testament.  If Bible Nav is going to be my daily reading Bible, two Bookmarks are required. 

Job 18:2 :  How long will it be ere ye make an end of words? mark, and afterwards we will speak.