Bible Nav

Bible Nav

Bible Nav
Bible Nav has been designed to display the Bible in a prominent, pleasing way. 

Bible Nav Favorites are collections of Bible verses of your own choosing. 
Bible Nav Tools
Tools available on Bible Nav make reading and traveling through the Bible easy and fun. 
About Bible Nav
The About pages provide additional information about Bible Nav. 

Bible Nav has been configured to display well on both a large desktop screen and a small smart-phone screen. 

Several Bible versions, or translations, are available on Bible Nav —

World English Bible, or WEB
World English Bible, or WEB, is a modern translation that is based on the ASV. 
World English Bible Messianic, or WEM
World English Bible Messianic, or WEM, is the WEB version with updates for Jewish readers. 
American Standard Version, or ASV
American Standard Version, or ASV, is an updated translation of the KJV (with help from YLT). 
Young's Literal Translation, or YLT
Young's Literal Translation, or YLT, is a very literal (and very useful) update of the KJV. 
King James Version, or KJV
King James Version, or KJV, is the most important book ever written in the English language. 

Bible exploration can be an exciting adventure, and Bible Nav is ready to help you on that journey. 

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